Latest News and Musings

  • Coronavirus update

    Introducing new Gift Cards and an update from me as to what's available.
  • New mushroom greetings cards now available

    Plastic be-gone! Find out about why I've taken the Naked Cards Pledge and discover how you can get involved to reduce plastic use.
  • New challenge: gouache and bookbinding

    What do you do when you can't find what you need? Make it yourself of course! Read how I created my first bound sketchbook and what I'll be filling it with.
  • Introducing a new way to say thank you for supporting me and sharing the love!

    I’m pleased to announce that I’ve launched a new incentive called The Fairy Ring (named after mushrooms, of course!) – a new way I can reward you for shopping with me and for telling your friends, and family about my artwork. Read more about how you can get involved!
  • What I've learned about creating art from my van

    As I've not been in my van since November and looking at the year ahead, I thought I'd share with you my experiences of living and creating from a ...
  • Reflecting back on 2019

    What an interesting and unexpected year it's been! Here's what I got up to... One door closes The start of 2019 marked the end of a long European r...
  • Dipping my toes into the world of printmaking

    Read more about why decided on trying my hand at linoprinting,