Giving Back

For every purchase you make on my site, I'll donate one tree which is planted and maintained with your help!

Why trees?

It's unfortunate that we live in an era where too often, the value of trees is reduced down to their monetary output. Certainly, most of the forests where I live in the UK are monocultures of pine - grown because it is profitable.

But trees offer so much more.

For example, did you know a single tree of English Oak can support over 450 different species? An who can resist the allure of relaxing under the shady branches of a tree on a hot summer's day?

Left: Me in Denge Wood, Kent, admiring the amazing Beech tees at the entrance.

Trees purify the air we breeze - catching pollutants that may irritate our senses in their leaves which get washed to the soil below.

They slow the spread of water - essential for hydrating the soil and preventing soil erosion and in turn helps reduce the risk of flash flooding. Dense areas of forest also affect the local microclimate ensuring higher rainfall and subsequently more hydrated land.

Trees help protect habitats for wildlife, as well as human-created environments such as gardens and farms by providing essential windbreaks to shelter plants against wind damage and to reduce dehydration so there's less need for watering.

Trees are a fantastic way to introduce children from urban areas to nature. You don't need to go very far before you see one of these immense and beautiful organisms. They provide our gardens, streets and parks with aesthetics, making them more enjoyable to look at and spend time in, with positive effects for our mental health.

Of course, we enjoy many wonderful outputs from trees in terms of their commodities - if it weren't for trees, the vast majority of paper I use wouldn't be available! We enjoy the use furniture, tools, building materials, crafts, as well as a renewable energy source in biochar. Certain species of tree are also amazing for their health benefits such as aspirin derived from Birch trees. 

You can read more about One Tree planted in their brochure here: One Tree Planted Brochure and by watching the video below: