How long have you been drawing for?

In total, around 3 years. Like most people, I drew occasionally as a child. I loved drawing but getting me to actually sit down and draw was an entirely different thing as I had quite an array of hobbies.

After leaving school at 18, I barely drew again until I reached my mid-thirties - I had one bash over a six month period before giving it up, and then again a few years later, only this time I kept going!

Do you only work in pen and ink?

I love working in so many different media but have chosen to mainly focus on ink for the next few years at least so I can really develop my skills in line and value. I do also occasionally work in ink mixed with watercolour but I tend to reserve this for quick sketches.  

What's the difference between a giclée print, a linoprint and a regular print?

Giclée prints are also known as fine art prints. They are more expensive than regular prints as they are professionally printed on high quality and archival acid-free paper. Giclée prints can last for up to 200 years when kept in complete darkness, but as I assume you'll want yours to be on display, keep behind glass in a frame and you can enjoy the print for up to 80 years without discoloration! 

Linoprints differ in that they are a unique pieces of artwork and have a maximum print run. Once I reach the limit for that edition, no more can be printed (with the exception of prints on fabric and greetings cards). Each linoprint is hand-pressed from a block, resulting in slight differences.

Can I commission you for a piece of artwork?

I do accept commissions if they have a predominantly nature-based theme as being passionate about the subject matter has an impact on the overall piece. Please email me to have a chat about what you're looking for.

Do you sell at craft fairs?

Not yet, though it is in the pipeline! I'm hoping to feature at a couple of fairs during 2020. Keep an eye on my Latest News to see where I'll be.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. You can find detailed shipping information here, together with prices. 

How are my products packaged and sent out?

You can find information on the product pages themselves, or you can find a more detailed description, along with environmental commitment to using recyclable products here.