New mushroom greetings cards now available

I'm pleased to share with you my very first greetings cards, now available in my shop!

The cards are fully recycled, individually hand-pressed and based on my Mycorrhizal Mushroom Series of linoprints. I've also chosen to take the Naked Cards Pledge, an initiative set up by a collective of British Illustrators to help spread awareness and encourage other sellers to "cut down on the plastic one card at a time".

It saves money, saves time, and most importantly saves waste.

Although true cellophane is a natural polymer and completely bio-degradeable, a lot of cellophane sold these days is actually BOPP film - recyclable but not biodegradeable. While I did ponder using biofilm for wrapping my cards, as I do for some of my prints when they have to travel long-distances, it's still extra energy use in terms of producing the cellophane itself.

Instead my cards come just as as they are, and are stamped on the back to help get the message out. When we start getting used to seeing things without film and excess packaging, it's easier for us to individually and collectively make the transition to a world with less waste!  

If you're a seller looking to take the Pledge yourself, this adorable Naked Card stamp is available at the Skull and Cross Buns website

My mushroom cards are available as a set of 4 and you can purchase at the link here. Delivery is free within the UK and as per all my other products, each purchase also plants one tree!

Naked Cards Recycled Mushroom Cards

To find out more about the Naked Cards initiative and find out how you can get involved, visit the Naked Cards website here.

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